"Can do paragliding"


From which age ?


It is possible to fly as from 5 years and unbounded of age since one is able to run some steps. For the children we will choose calm conditions, it appointment will be done rather the morning before 12:00 and in the end of the day. 


Needed particular physical qualities?


No particular preparation, some steps while running and you are in the air. The landing is done carefully, some steps while going and here you are again on the dry land.


A limiting weight?


For safety reasons the limit to fly by tandem is about 20 kg to 90 kg. It can vary according to the aerological conditions and the aptitudes of the passenger.



I have the giddiness, do I can fly by paragliding?


No problem. Some parapentists have also the giddiness. The giddiness is anything else only one anomaly between the balance of your internal ear and your visual interpretation. You will undergo it only when you are in contact with the ground: climbing, balcony, bridge, cliff…

In the paragliding as in the plane, the giddiness does not exist.



Is a medical certificate needed?

No it is only required for the people who fly alone.



How am I assured?

You are covered by the third-party insurance of the qualified instructor of state.



How do I have to be equipped?

That depends on the season and the temperature, by knowing that by gaining altitude the temperature can radically drop.

In general, it is necessary to envisage shoes which hold the foot: shoes of excursion or tennis shoes. Trousers or shorts according to the temperature. A windproof jacket or sweat shirt if (the monitor can take it along during the flight in a pocket of its bolster). Advised sunglasses and…. to smile essential!!!


 "How is taking place and paragliding tandem"

To book?


You can book :

_ by téléphone:

_ by supplementing the contact form

We will agree together on the formula of the flight, the day and the hour of your first flight.



Concerning the weather conditions?

The paragliding is an activity which depends completely on the weather conditions (force of the wind, direction, stability of the mass of air…)

The day before your go, a confirmation by phone or sms will be carried out to validate or move the vol.

According to our availabilities we will decide on new an appointment.



How to go to the top of Puy de Dôme?


You have several possibilities:

_ With the cogwheel train of Panoramic of the Domes :


   For the schedules of train: click here


   For the rates of the train: click here


_ On foot, the way of des Muletiers at the beginning of Col de Ceyssat (45 mn of walk approximately to join the top ):


   To see the map:  click here



Or to meet?


At the top of Puy de Dôme, on the esplanade giving access to the restaurant where your monitor will accommodate you.



Course of the flight?

Once arrived on the take-off area, your pilot will equip you with a helmet and a bolster. Then a small briefing will be carried out to explain you the course of the vol.

After some steps, one feels already the sail which deals with to us. The following treads will be increasingly light and air.

Then it is not takeoff all carefully, it but does not remain you any more to enjoy these unforgettable moments!

You will have all the time to discuss with the monitor which will make you share his passion and while benefitting from a calm and contemplative flight in full safety.

The landing will be quite as soft as takeoff.



After the flight?


Just the desire for starting again !!! 



How do I regulate the service?


The regulation is by CB via the website, by cash or presentation of your gift voucher directly to your monitor.


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